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Empress Emerald: The Color of Imagination

I know that emerald green was 2013's color, but I've had a love affair with the color, and the stone, for quite some time, and since I took a hiatus from blogger life, I thought it appropriate to start this year off with a post honoring one of my favorites.  Emerald green is supposed to be a color that awakens our imaginations, so imagine on.
One of the things I love about emerald is how well it pairs with a beautiful indigo or ultramarine blue.  While sitting in a sauna a few months ago, I was thumbing through a high-end fashion magazine and found an absolutely gorgeous emerald and sapphire ring (not this one) by Bvlgari.  It was created with sapphires and diamonds stacked on the sides, all building up to a gorgeous center emerald stone.  Of course I had to track this puppy down, so when I went to Bvlgari, they said there was only one in the world, in Paris, of course, and that it had a price tag of over $600K.  Maybe in my next life.  

Emerald green lends itself so well to modern lines, perhaps because it works so well with Chinese motifs and scrolls.  It's a great color to use as a bridge between modern and traditional, and it broadcasts a loud kind of happiness in a room.

Here's that modern and traditional blend.  I love the juxtaposition with the modern art.

Emerald green works well with grays and driftwoods, too.

The traditional Chinese art in the background creates such great warmth, even if the room is a little traditional for my taste.  I'm working on a motif in a bedroom with some large traditional Chinese art prints I found at a thrift store with a green and gold motif.  The rest of the room is modern, but the big Chinese prints bring in some traditional warmth. 

I first saw this in Elle Decor Magazine.  Love it. 

This week, I'll be posting some budget-friendly furniture ideas to incorporate emerald green into your room.